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New ideas are always suspected and usually opposed not because of any other cause but they are not already common.

As a homoeopathic physician i found myself restricted to a small area and treating few people for their ailments but I thought that more people can be benefited by this natural and safe mode of treatment .This gave me an idea of an online clinic. In homoeopathic treatment the natural defense mechanism of body is raised by means of dilutions and homoeopathic medicines which restores health to sick people. For this mode of treatment, each and every symptom which a patient feels is of great importance in order to provide much better treatment.


We provide consultation / medicines to many of the General Diseases


We provide consultation / medicines to many of the Chronic Diseases

Adult Kits

CHLOASMA (SILVER PACK 60 ml) झाइंया (सिल्वर पैक 60 ml )

Skin lotion to control skin pigmentation in SAFE and HARMLESS WAY.

सुरक्षित और सहज तरीके से त्वचा के झाइं पर नियंत्रण के लिए लोशन